Jobs are how we take on-chain or Subgraph data and process and transform it into a format that is easier to consume.


Jobs create data pipelines. Creating a data processing pipeline on one end is the producer and on the other is the consumer. They can be chained together to accomplish complex data processing flows.

For example, with the DAOhaus Hub app we are concerned about vault balances for different DAOs. Calculating these balances is pretty complicated to do in the front-end and makes apps slow. To improve performance we do it with a back-end process.

Producer Jobs

A producer is a task that is taking data from a public dataset and pushing it into a queue. Aggregating DAO data across different networks on our Subgraph into a database allows for easier querying. This could mean calculating totals that get pushed to Ceramic.

Consumer Jobs

Consumers are calculating the aggregated data. They take things off of the queue to take action and complete the work.