Summon App

Summon App is a Vite React application with TypeScript. Summoner is a tool for summoning DAOs using the Baal (Moloch v3) contract. This is meant to be a standalone tool for users to summon new DAOs on supported chains.


The Summoner App is a Vite React application that we deploy to Skynet. We designed this to be as decentralized an app as possible, and the Vite app is able to be built and hosted on any hosting service. We currently deploy to Skynet, but a user would be able to host their own Hub app if they ever needed to.

This app utilizes several of our libraries, including DAOhaus Connect, TX Builder, and our DAOhaus Component Library.

Alpha Features

The Summoner Alpha app is a tool for summoning Baal DAOs.

Running Locally

To run Summoner locally, clone the monorepo and use nx run summon-app:serve to run a local server on localhost:3000. This will start a local server and development environment. Summoner uses Vite as the build tool, so if you're not familiar with Vite we recommmend exploring the Vite documentation.